There is a multitude of ways to wash away your everyday worries and unwind in the mountainous haven that is Kaapsehoop. These are some of the highlights:

Horse Riding
 | There is something sentimental, almost primal about being in a saddle. Your mind instantly takes you back to frontier days when exploring the mountains could only be done on horseback. Experience the splendour and beauty of your surroundings, breathe in the fresh mountain air and laugh along at the jokes of a fantastic host when contacting any of the horse riding paddocks in the area. It will undoubtedly all add to an unforgettable breakaway in Kaapsehoop. 

 | There are numerous hiking trails within the village of Kaapsehoop. Most start from the middle of the village and are clearly marked along the rocks with painted footprints. There is the casual hike to the edge of the escarpment, where on a clear day you are able to see Barberton and Nelspruit in the spectacular De Kaap valley, and on a misty day you may find yourself in awe of literally walking in the clouds.

There is also a slightly more demanding hike to Battery Falls, which is well worth the effort. Here you are able to cool off after the hike and be entranced by the cascading waterfall. For the more adventurous explorers, what about a photograph of yourself standing under the waterfall? A permit is required for this hike, and of course it is done at your own risk. There is no need for long walks if you just want to explore though. Short walks among the rocks paired with a bit of imagination will reveal rock formations of a lions head, Aladdin’s lamp, Snoopy, a camel, a turtle and even a dinosaur. The only limit is your mind.

 | There are many bird species found around Kaapsehoop, and many of them can be enjoyed right in the beautiful garden at Lambourn’s, which is always filled with blooms and bird attractions. The endangered Blue Swallows migrate yearly to South Africa and many of them come to Kaapsehoop, which has been designated a Natural Heritage Site. These of course are not our only birds but most certainly a treat to see in their natural habitat. Visit for more information about the various species of birds found around Kaapsehoop and hints at where to point your binoculars.

Enos is our local birding guide and is very knowledgeable about the Blue Swallows and other species. Should you wish for him to be your guide, please contact Rudi Du Plessis on +27826015455 or +27137344580.